Online media monitoring can track every single mention of your brand on the web in real-time. This means we can tell you what’s working, what’s not, and how to develop your social media marketing strategy in response to the results.


What can we tell you about your social media campaign? We use a specialist measuring and analytics service which provides detailed information about every level of activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It measures:

  • New Followers and Fans
  • Potential Reach
  • Interactions
  • Brand advocates
  • Follower Demographics
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Keyword analytics

We’ll provide you with as much or as little technical information as you require. Not everyone wants to decipher pages of statistics. We get pretty excited by metrics, but we’re happy to provide simple, clear graphs of activity if stats aren’t your thing.

Measuring ROI

All companies want to know what their ROI is likely to be from social media yet it remains one of the most heavily debated topics in marketing. Unlike, say, measuring the results of Google AdWords campaigns, it’s harder to pin down the ROI on social media. It’s difficult to tell how much revenue a tweet sent last month brought, or if your latest Facebook competition boosted your bottom line.

Defining your goals

Before you can measure your return, you need to set goals. These should be quantifiable and linked to something specific and measurable, for example email list sign-ups, contact form enquiries, and purchases. These are all trackable and can be used to prove ROI.

Long-term ROI

As all switched-on business people know, marketing campaigns rarely produce results overnight; the average lead-generation time is around six months, and this is true for social media marketing. As in life, we don’t make a hundred friends from attending one party. Relationships take time, we have to make an effort and treat people with respect if they are to return our friendship. What we put in, we get out.

Social media and consumer trust

Consumer trust in social media content and reviews has grown year on year. In a recent study Facebook and Pinterest are the most trusted social networks for product recommendations and shopping. 70% of respondents said they trust product reviews from people with whom they connect on Facebook and Instagram. 53% say they use social networks to learn about new products.